Lela started Pearl by Lela Rose to marry her love of fashion, food, friends, and fun - and what could be more FUN than game night with your girlfriends? Inspired by the gaming spirit, we're thrilled to announce our fabulous collaboration with the winning gals behind The Mahjong Line!

Featuring gorgeous game-night linens, embroidered cocktails napkins, two sets of ever-so-slightly smaller bridge-sized playing cards in exclusive pearl knits, and signature custom rack bags for your mahjong pleasure on the go, the capsule brings fierce competition and fabulous style to every friendly match.


What do you get when you combine close friends who are mahjong players and design and color fanatics with collective backgrounds in jewelry design, finance, and advertising? A mahjong perfect storm.

Between founders Kate La Gere and Annie O’Grady, they have been playing the game of mahjong for two decades. Their extended Mahjong group plays wherever they can: each other’s homes, card rooms, and on family vacations. With seven children among the two of them, kiddos are often running around in the background and/or playing alongside them. The youngest player in the crew can beat adults with regularity.

Annie and Kate are inspired by art and design and don't take themselves too seriously. They like to celebrate the colorful personalities that belly up to the game table. The Mahjong Line was created with fun and fellowship in mind, which solidified TML as the perfect Pearl partner this season!